Excellence drives our vision, Passion is in our Nature, Success is our result.

Excellence drives our vision, Passion is in our Nature, Success is our result.

After successfully manifesting and managing some of the most successful projects in the UAE for others, we decided to create a new enterprise; combing innovation with decades of business knowledge, alongside leadership expertise across a multitude of different companies and sectors, AI Project Management Services was founded and continues to be a leading force in the UAE and beyond.

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Our market-defining companies have made a mark in every sector, driven by our core tenets of innovation, professionalism and excellence, allowing us to achieve success in every venture brought to us or that we create. With our profound ability to develop and execute forward thinking business strategies whilst embracing the synergy of collaboration we ensure positive business growth and drive to success.

Our unwavering commitment to excellence ensures that we remain at the vanguard of our respective industries, simultaneously allowing us to explore every developing opportunity that presents itself in both the rapidly growing UAE, European or Worldwide market.

‘Ensuring excellence through passion and knowledge’

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Our diverse portfolio of investors, strategic partners, locations and various businesses allows us to actively pursue numerous markets; whether its in Healthcare or Manufacturing, Finance or Entertainment, Technology or Real estate our tried methods and expertise ensure success across a broad range of industries.

‘We take immense pride in upholding our exemplary reputation for excellence and unwavering commitment to innovation’

– Rashed Al Shaali

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